Tool Backup MySQL Via

SQLyog Enterprise
SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most powerful MySQL manager and admin tool.
Webyog Softworks Pvt. Ltd.
EMS SQL Manager 2007 Lite for MySQL
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a high performance tool.
EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc
EMS SQL Manager 2005 for MySQL
It's a high performance tool for MySQL database administration.
EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc

Tool Backup MySQL via

SQL Manager for MySQL
EMSSQL Manager for MySQL is a performance tool for MySQL database administration.
KLS Backup 2007 Professional
Backup, cleanup, restore, synchronize.
KLS Soft
Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition
It's easy to back up one or many databases, and restore them.
SwordSky Software
Intended to backup MySQL databases and tables periodically.
Dirk Richter - Softwaredevelopment
Backup Watcher for MySQL
Intended for making DB backups of the MySQL server.
Desktop Software
KLS Backup 2006 Professional
Powerfull backup, synchronization and disk cleaner program that al...
KLS Soft
MySQL Service Center
A Windows GUI tool for MySQL server maintenance and reservation.
SQL Maestro Group
MySQL Backup to Another MySQL Database Software
Backup data from one MySQL database to another.
MySQL Auto Backup Standard Edition
MySQL Auto Backup is a powerful Windows software to schedule backup and restore your remote/local My......
SwordSky Software
Site Backup CP
Site Backup CP makes it quick and easy to back up websites to your hard drive.
Tech-Pro Limited

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Tool Backup MySQL via

Mysql Backup
Very easy to use backup and restore application for MySQL.
dbForge Studio for MySQL
Manage MySQL and MariaDB databases.
Auto Backup for MySQL Standard Edition
Schedule the backing up and restoring of your remote and local MySQL databases.
SwordSky Software
EZ Backup Manager
Professionally developed Windows Utility Program.
Python MySQL-python-1.2.3
Python MySQL it is a easy-to-use database tool based on api keys.
Andy Dustman
NETGATE Data Backup
Tool to backup files, photos, music, etc.
NETGATE Technologies s.r.o.
dbForge Studio Express for MySQL
Free and easy-to-use MySQL GUI tool for essential database management tasks.
dbForge Data Compare for MySQL
MySQL and MariaDB Data Compare Tool for Quick Comparison and Synchronization.
SiteVault Pro
It is a professional backup program that allows you to protect your website.
ADVSoft SQL Backup
Backup MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases into multiple cloud services.